20 August 2006

Trading Spaces is a hoax

Ok so I don't really think Trading Spaces is fraudulent it's just that I've spent the last two days painting and I have no idea how they get it done so quickly and so well. Nevada is not able to paint because she can't take in paint fumes so it's been up to me to make our vision a reality. She did as much as she could with taping and prepping and I was stuck with the hours of painting. I didn't know how long it took to paint a baby room wall to wall with two coats so we started at 7:00pm last night...needless to say I learned that it takes me about 8 hours to get it done. I cleaned up and hopped into bed at 4:30am. For those of you that know my sleeping patterns you know that a 4 am night is not such an unusual thing but the difference is that today I had to be up at 9 am to start painting the living/dining room. We asked some friends to come over and help....we baited them with pancake and bacon brunch. They came at 10, we ate, then we got to painting. Another day of contorting my body, stretching my arms, sucking in toxic air and non-stop standing....we finished at 5:30. Just in time to shower up and head to church. I have a couple hours of touch-ups to do in both rooms but overall we're really excited with the final results. I'll post some pics after we've cleaned up the disaster zone and I've finished the touch-ups.

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