25 August 2006

Oh the sweet taste of the Dr.

Tomorrow will be a sad day for Chris McKenzie. I picked up a case of Diet Dr.Pepper when we were in L.A. and at this point I have one left. They've lasted longer than I thought but alas the stock has dwindled. Dr.Pepper is my favorite pop and it's one of the rare things that we can't get here....ok, that's not true...it can be found but at a high price in a shifty import store who knows where. So I will savour every last drop and long for the day I can once again guzzle that wonderful cola, cherry, almondy, vanilla, cough syrup tasting beverage...who really knows what flavor it is.


Rob Clark said...

Did you know Dr. Pepper ads are banned in Quebec as it is considered a derogatory statement to call a Quebecer a "pepper"? I am sure I spelled several words wrong here, blogger needs a spell checker.

Everybody's Auntie said...

Someone once told me that Dr. Pepper was carbonated prune juice..

and hey -- how did that hideous sounding humilating doctor thing turn out?

janejane said...

hahaha i love Dr. Pepper as well :)