22 August 2006

The BMI contest winners

I worked until the wee hours last night and was woke up by the annoying loud noise of our house buzzer. I stumbled to the intercom phone and in my groggy raspy morning voice asked who it was. It was Nevada who had been sent back from school to get me. I totally forgot about a doctor's appointment I had. But it wasn't just me it was me and all the other BMI contest winners...o.k. that's sarcastic. BMI is the Body Mass Index that doctor's use to define the health of your weight. Morrison Academy's insurance provider has upped the premiums this year on all people above 30 on the BMI. It's no secret that I'm a bigger dude but I have to say this singling out kind of hurt. Anyways, the school is trying to appeal based on our overall health regardless of our weight so today we had to go and get blood taken so they could test our cholestorol and other things. We also had to have our blood pressure taken. It was no big deal but after only 4 hours of sleep I was a mess. I came back home and did a little work before settling down for an extended afternoon nap.

I've worked pretty hard in the last year to lose weight and I dare say I'm quite proud at my progress so today was a bit of a tough one to handle. The doctor told us to lose weight and it hurt that even if I make good progress it'll never be enough for some people. I weighed myself at the doctor's today and I'm weighing in at 115.5 kg or 254 lbs. That's forty lbs down in a year. My goal is to get to 240 lbs by the time the baby comes and then 220 lbs by the end of the school year. That's a weight that I can be comfortable living at...even though the BMI says I should probably be closer to 165 lbs. I remember that weight...I think I was 9 yrs old...haha.


SarahJ said...

I know this probably won't make you feel better but when I saw you this summer I thought you looked good and I could tell that you had lost lots of weight!

Nevada said...

You're the best looking guy I ever married! But seriously, you are a good looking man and I'm just happy you want to be healthy so you can take care of baby and me.

Rob said...

I agree that you look much better. Maybe blog a bit about how you went about dropping some weight. Mostly exercise? Mostly eating? Mostly some secret asian secret?

Reagan said...

Don't do the Atkins Diet...it's JUNK! And really not very good for you anyway. Godd luck :)