02 September 2006

Bubble baths

I'm not sure if I've ever professed my love for bubblebaths on my blog but it's true. I have a love of bubblebaths. I'm currently at a church leadership retreat at a 5 star hotel here in Taipei. They have all of the major amenities: pool, gym, aerobics classes, room service, satelite TV, comfy beds etc....but what do I like the most, the huge bathtubs. I've been here almost 24 hours and I've had two bubblebaths. They also have these amazing showers so I'm cleaner than I've ever been. I soak in the tub, get covered in bubbles and then rinse off in the shower. It's so relaxing and so refreshing. Our new house has this goofy half tub...we asked for a tub so the landlord obliged and gave us this tub that is deep but only about 2.5 feet long. I can scrunch up and barely get in. Needless to say this hotel has man sized tubs and even good mood lighting. I better stop before I complete change your perception of me.

(I just remembered this picture that Nevada took of me in the mini-tub, don't worry there is no offensive nudity)


Rob Clark said...

Great picture, just what I need to see on a Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

ahh, so cute!

Adam said...

haha - they'll show this picture at your wedding reception and it'll be so em-bare-assing!


Grandpa Steve said...

well look at Brenda's little boy!

It was great to see you and Nevada yesterday. We didn't find Bongo's!