12 September 2006

Been busy...

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Lots of exciting things to discuss but I've just been too busy to get on here and give it my full attention. I wanted to get these videos up before I posted anything else. I had the opportunity to go see my current Laker hero Kobe Bryant last week. It's ironic that in Saskatoon, which is geographically closer to L.A., I would never have the chance to see Kobe but when I'm overseas in Asia, far far away, it was as easy as waiting in a line for four hours to get in for free. He was here on a Nike promotional tour. He waved at the crowd, did some drills with local pros and high schoolers, he threw out some free stuff and did his best to write some Chinese calligraphy. The whole event was a little impersonal and sort of boring but nonetheless I'm a happy Laker fan. These videos aren't the best because I wasn't supposed to tape in the arena...I snuck it out every once in awhile and tried to shoot some quick stuff before the ushers could cut me off.

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Melissa said...

so cool! I'm so happy you got to be there!