27 September 2006

Workout thoughts

1) Sit-ups make me sick to my stomach. I feel like barfing every time I finish.
2) Why do I lift to get stronger yet feel so weak?
3) I lost 30 lbs in about 3 or 4 months last year. This year I can't seem to lose even 5 lbs and trust me I'm working out harder than before. Can anyone say plateau?
4) The more I lift weights the worse my jumpshot gets.
5) I wish I would've hit the weights earlier in life...could've played Huskie football.
6) I'm so thankful that we got pregnant...it's the first thing ever that's really motivated me to lose weight. I want to be around for my child's life.


Shane Sowden said...


Sit-ups suck but work. Try shooting hoops before you work out and not after. Shooting around after you lift will mess you up. I am stuck in the losing weight category too. The first 15 lbs were easy. The next 10 are hard. Hope the new job is going well. later

Reagan said...

The first pounds are always easy to lose, your body then gets used to your routine and will naturally burn fewer calories as you do it because the body finds the easiest way to do it. Here are a few tips I have learned and they really work: 1) change up your routine more toning than cardio one day then do the opposite the next 2) change your cardio routine too, like if you are always using a bike, try jogging on the treadmill. 3) Do your wieghts BEFORE cardio, think of it as buidling bigger muscles means you are building a bigger "engine" and your body has to burn more calories to run that engine. 4) STRETCH aferwards, that'll help with the shootin hoops. These are tips a professional trainer at our gym gave me. So good luck I hope I've been of some insight :).

Tom said...

Good for you for sticking with it. You'll be a force to be reckoned with in bball.