19 October 2006


When we came to Taiwan this time it was not clear to me that we were missionaries. Missionaries usually raise support to cover their financial needs and Morrison is one the rare missionary schools in the world that pays a livable salary. Lately though I’ve realized that we ARE missionaries. God has called us to another land for his purposes. My wife’s job is in place to serve the children of those in the front lines. These are families who wouldn’t be here spreading the word of God if their children couldn’t receive a quality education. As for me, I’m now working a church plant environment that is here not only for English ex-pats but also for the modern Taiwanese community. It’s an amazing journey that God is taking us on. We were drawn back to this island that we love (most of the time) and our purpose was not crystal clear. But God has done a great job of carving out a role for us here and affirming his mission for our lives. This latest realization has really brought joy to Nevada and I. It gives purpose to our everyday lives and also comforts us in the thoughts of our family’s future. God has also surrounded us with amazing community. The Morrison family is truly that, a family. There are people that are concerned about our every need and are willing to step up and support us in whatever they can. They show us love, envelope us in prayer, take care of our physical needs and share their lives with us. The Pearl (our church) is also a great source of community. They are the ones who are spurring on our faith journeys, ministering with us, developing us and also sharing their lives with us. I’m in a really happy place and I thank God for having our best interests in mind.

There is always a level of hurt that comes with being away from “home”. We still miss our friends and family, new babies, BRIT basketball, the beautiful nature of Saskatchewan, Rider games, Lakeview Church etc. but we know that this is where God wants us and that is where we draw our strength. I ask those of you at “home” to keep praying for us and keep in contact with us. We deeply care for you and wouldn’t have got to this stage in our lives without you. With modern technology we are a simple Instant Message, Webcam, Skype conversation away so please continue to do life with us as you are valuable to us.

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