25 October 2006

So far yet so close

I just had a really introspective moment I thought was worth mentioning. I was sitting out on my deck working on my computer and enjoying a cigar. I looked up and was struck by a picturesque night sky. It captivated my attention for a moment and it got me thinking in an American Tail way...we are all looking up at the same sky. I may be far away from home, friends and family. But really we are as close as the sky that we share above us. Our spirits are what connect us. The physical distance can only pull us apart so much but as long as we hold on to each other in our hearts and minds it doesn't matter how far we are away. I take comfort in the fact that in these type of moments I feel connected with people in a powerful way even without a physical touch or an audible voice. I want you, my loved ones, to know that you are in my heart and my thoughts...especially as I stare up into the sky that we all share.


Anonymous said...

Oh, now you will make G'ma cry (and maybe even your Mom)

karen (gonyou) robertson said...

Hey Chester. Gabrielle had her baby. You can see pictures on my blog, I think there is a link from Tim's blog. Or just go to www.bluegrasscanucks.blogspot.com

Grandpa Steve said...

Wait I will run out and look up in the sky.....O wait it isn't dark there or maybe your not even out of bed yet.

Glenn said...

Chester - check out Angela's wedding pics on my blog and keep on feeling connected!