07 November 2006

I'm a Coach

I'm sitting here just buzzing about tomorrow. It's the start of another new JVB (Grade 9) basketball season...but this time I'm coaching the boys team not the girls team. I learned last year that there is nothing wrong with coaching girls but my heart really is with the boys. It's not just a chance to mold players but mold young men. The head coach and I met last week to discuss our strategy for tryouts and for the season...these boys better be ready to run. I'm hoping to implement a Phoenix Suns run'n'gun style of play. The best defense is a good offense. I'm trying to add a little style and unity to the team by arranging to purchase team track suits and matching shoes, that means tomorrow afternoon is a trip to one of fav places...sports stores. I'm a loyal Nike guy so I'll head there first but since our team colors are grey and black I might have to go with Adidas. You see, Tim Duncan, superstar for the San Antonio Spurs (another grey and black team) is an Adidas athlete so they make a lot of stuff in our colors. Oh well...I always like new gear no matter what brand it is.

One benefit of coaching that I'm looking forward to is the excercise. Not only do the players run but we as coaches try to join in and participate at practice which means a lot of running for us. I'm hoping this will help me to keep losing weight. I'm also excited to be in that skill building environment once again. In men's league there isn't much emphasis on maintaining or bettering your core basketball skills. It's all about shooting and just being able to make it to the games. Being a part of practice every other day should help my skills get back to a place they haven't been in awhile...mix that with the fitness and look out!

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