01 November 2006

No Kobe no problem

Today was the start of the NBA season. It's always a special day for me. The summer is always tough for a basketball fan so it's like candy day when the action resumes. My wife also recognizes the importance of today for me...she used her breaktime from school today to get me a surprise Starbucks. I love her so much for stuff like that. The longer we are together the more we understand each other.

I was extra lucky in that the Laker game was on TV here. I woke up early and put my gear on. They were playing the Phoenix Suns in a rematch of the amazing first round playoff series last year. I'll be honest...I wasn't expecting much cuz the Lakers have 3 injured starters including the main man Kobe Bryant. They came out a little flat and the Suns were shooting well but there is something different about this Laker team...they are a team. They are more mature and have added the necessary pieces. I don't think they are a championship team but they will rise in the ranks this year. They had a monster 3rd quarter and took control of the game. The Lakers came out on top and I think showed the league that they are ready this season. Barring more injuries they should be able to compete with anyone in the league. I'm just happy that the NBA season is upon us...I LOVE THIS GAME!


Shane Sowden said...

Is it possible they play better as a team without Kobe? Great comeback last night to spank the suns. Go RAPS!!!

andres said...

kobe is one of the best today, if not the best... but yes, i believe lakers do play better without kobe, however, if kobe can incorporate himself into playing team ball that the team is playing now, then they are a deadly team (he did during last year's playoffs, and look how good they were!). And i believe he will play more team ball this and not jack up 30 shots like he did last season because he's already got one scoring title under him.
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andres said...

by the way, the kicked some Golden State ass today w/o kobe again! but i wish kobe would return soon!

rob clark said...

No one disputes Kobe as one of the best players in the league, but unfortunately for the Lakers, he is not a leader and will fail to lead his team past the first round of playoffs this year.
Go Bulls!

Anonymous said...

Chester, I checked the pic's on the baby blog and your looking really awesome. Keep up the good work. Take Care:)