01 November 2006

Warning to owners of Holey Soles

The other day Nevada and I were walking around town and I happen to be wearing my Holey Soles (Crocs..for my American readers). We were walking on the street and this lady passed by with her dalmation. She was jerking him by the leash as they passed. All of a sudden I felt liquid on my foot. I look around to see if it had started raining...the instant rain is not out of the ordinary here in Taiwan. Not a drop in the sky. Then I looked to see if anyone's air conditioners were leaking onto the street.. this is also common in Taiwan apartment living. Nope. Then I noticed a trail of liquid stains all over the road that originated on the side of a wall. YUCK! The liquid on my foot was dog pee. I can't blame the dog much though, he was trying to finish his pee but his master was dragging him around and jerking his leash. The funny thing is that the dog was about two feet away from me when they passed by so I guess because she was yanking him all over the place he must've just been spraying all over the place. How sick was that? So I went to this water tap outside a store and rinsed my foot and my shoe. I can't help but think Holey Soles were not a good footwear option that day. No pee would've touched my foot directly if I had been wearing normal shoes. Keep that in mind the next time you wear your holed shoes out on the town..


Grandpa Steve said...

well this sure shows the cycles in life! heart serious post and then you get brought into real life as a dog pees on your foot. Can you hear God laugh?

Melissa said...

That's definitely the down side of these very comfy shoes.