30 November 2006

More pics...

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Anonymous said...

It's really hard not to be with you guys during such an exciting time! I know Tom is itching for a visit. Looking forward to meeting her in person!

BABA BE said...

What can a BABA say without being a bit prejudicial....she is the most beautiful baby born in the last 27 or so years.
I love the one of the "girls" napping.
And the old person advice: Cover that baby's feet, she must be freezing.

Nathan & Ashley said...

Great pictures Chester! You definately look like the proudest papa ever in the one of 'her favorite position'! I'm so happy for you guys!

Raymundo said...

Congratulations you two, baby looks gorgeous, now the fun begins. By the way it's amazing how little sleep a person needs.

Anonymous said...

Congrats again. great picatues keep them coming for BABA and others.

Now I know why you look so different. Looks like lost pounds and NORMAL hair.


Anonymous said...

Hey Father to be your profile needs to FATHER.

Keep the pictures coming.