14 November 2006

Total lack of focus

Sorry I haven't been writing on here much lately. I'm in a zone that is all about the pregnancy. I can't focus on anything else and my mind has checked out as far as it comes to creative or intellectual thought. I'm all about getting the diaper bag packed, changing lightbulbs in the baby room, making sure Nevada is feeling ok, reviewing hospital paperwork etc. This last few weeks is taking it's toll on me. I stay up late thinking about the baby...mostly the upcoming labour experience. My work is getting sloppier. I'm forgetting to do things and forgetting to contact people. In a lot of ways I was hoping the baby would come this week so that I could have a bit of a break from those other things and be allowed that time to simply focus on the addition to our family. I know that when the baby comes our community will give me that break but mentally and emotionally I need it sooner than later. Anyways...enough late night rambling...check out the baby blog for some sweet pics and updates about the only important thing in my life this month (or ever for that matter).

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Nathan & Ashley said...

Chester!!! Be sure to let us know how the delivery went!!! We are praying for you and Nevada as you try to be patiently awaiting her arrival!!!! So exciting!! I want to hear all about it!!!