20 November 2006


It's true...Nevada and I have been nesting. Getting the house ready for baby and getting it looking it's best. One of the things we've done in the last week or so is complete our summer project. When we were home we purposely took a bunch of classic Saskatchewan photos. The goal was to have a "Wall of Sask". Well it's finally done and up on the wall. It's just a little reminder of where we come from and a way to share our Canadian heritage with our friends and community here. Check it out:

Golden Field
Windy Plains
Barn at Mike&Denise's Wedding
Broadway Bridge
Regina Legislature
Greatest Canadian
Canada Goose


Lynette said...

those are great pics! What a neat idea...

Jessica said...

Looks great! I just saw a movie you might like: it's called "Souvenir of Canada" by Douglas Coupland (based on the book). You probably can't get it out there, but maybe you could download it. Anyway, you might appreciate it, being nostalgic for home and all!