13 December 2006


There are so many normal things that I wish I could do lately but to be honest I'm generally just too tired. That includes blogging. And even if I had the time and energy my mind isn't quite working lately. I feel like my ability to do critical thinking is shot. With the lethargy in my day to day I guess it's no surprise. My goal is to be back to functioning at a "normal" pace in time for the new year.


Anonymous said...

Are you still feeling sick? or as the change in household boss and schedule made you tired?

Nate said...

I remember the last time I was tired. I too was struggling with multitasking and concentration. I was falling behind at home and at work. If things were to continue down that path I am not too sure if I would be here today.

That was yesterday.

I felt much better this morning.


rob said...

Chester --

1. you look great

2. things will never be normal again