14 January 2007

Back on the horse

Tonight I got back on the horse so to speak. It's been a long time since I've preached a sermon. Our pastor was away this week and I offered to fill in. I really enjoy speaking but haven't had the guts or the chance to do so in a while. I was super nervous as I prepared this week. I had so many thoughts floating around and couldn't seem to focus. In the end it came together and was an ok sermon. We're doing a New Year's Resolutions series, not so much about weight loss, quitting smoking or being on time for work. Instead we're focusing on spiritual changes or things we want to improve in our Christian lives. The topic tonight was Covenant of the Hands: Serving. It's an area of my life that I always need to work on. Being an only child and a spoiled married man I've gotten away easy in the area of serving. It was a good week for me to learn about the things in my life that need to change. As I get more and more disciplined in my Christian walk and spend more time in books and in the Bible I just keep learning so much and am able to process the things I need to work on. The greatest thing is that as I work through those things I feel better as a person. The past 6 months has been really good for me and this was just another step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Your wife and your mom should have given you lots of examples for your sermon on serving. Nevada is very much a servant of God.


beth said...

i agree with your mom! :)

your sermon was great, chris. i really enjoyed it. in fact, i think it was one of the best i've heard in a while in terms of feeling challenged, and feeling that i walked away with something concrete. the points you made about sacrifice and availability really hit home for me. thanks for keeping it real and for letting us see your weaknesses, but at the same time not falling into the danger zone of making the sermon all about you, but keeping it totally Christ-centered. and i was really touched by you washing nev's feet -- that was just precious. and i loved the bits of towel as reminders.

i'll leave you with one final tip for the next time you preach: put your mac in front of you so you're not always turning your head to the side. :)

good job, brother! be encouraged.

ps- i gotta try those much talked about popcorn salts to see what the big fuss is all about...

Anonymous said...

Nice work Seigs. I wish I could have been there.

Teecy said...

i've already said this in person, but just to make it official...great job last sunday. i agree with what beth said about keeping it honest but not focused on yourself. very good balance. thanks for pouring into us!