05 January 2007

Taiwan Walking Hazards

I was walking to my firends house this afternoon and I was approaching two men on the sidewalk who were finishing up a conversation. In a congested city like Taipei it is not strange for people to be stopped having conversations on the sidewalk so I thought nothing of it. Where they were was sort of a tight space however there was enough room for someone to comfortably walk between them. I hesitated because I didn't want to interrupt their exchange but it was the only space to pass so I went. At the exact same time one of the men was saying goodbye and he bowed. I was right in the middle and we had a little collison. I said an awkward sorry, he smiled sheepishly and I walked away. I had a little smirk on my face as I thought, "that could only happen in Asia." When do you ever get in the way of a random bow?


Melissa said...

So funny! I'm sure they were probably more embarrassed but it makes a good story.

Anne-Marie said...

That happens to me daily. The Canadians don't respect my respect.

Tom said...

That's pretty good. I suppose the equivalent here would be to run into somebody's hockey stick when they were facing off in the middle of the sidewalk or something. How embarrassing that would be!