07 February 2007

Grandmas In Taiwan

My mom and grandma have been here for almost 4 days now. Time sure flies. It's been awesome to have two of my fav people here learning about our life in Taiwan and experiencing things first hand. As you can imagine though the combination of crying baby, culture clashes, jet-lag, crammed apartment and everyday tasks has already led to a few run-ins. It's tough to combine all that and come out the other end with love, peace and patience at the forefront. We will continue to try our best and make every minute of this visit count. Here are some pics of the last couple days. (All the ladies are out at the market right now so I'm sure there will be some good pics tomorrow)


Allison said...

Looks like you all are having fun! And I hear that there is a get-together planned for the end of the month with Heather and Mom Longueil?! Maybe Heather will be there, maybe she won't...:)

Anonymous said...

hey chester and nevada.. this is your cousin ashton,, i tired emailing nevada but it didnt work,, so im just leaving a quick note,, im in thailand right now and was wondering if it would be cool if i stopped in to see you guys on my way home,, probably the end of march/start of april? if that works out with you that would be so cool ,, but yea email me sometime and we can talk about it, ashton_zunti@hotmail.com

Melissa said...

Excited to have you all come down and visit. Do you know about what time you'll arrive? I have class from 1-9 on Thursday. Hmmm

Grandpa Steve said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow those women sure kept you busy after the market trip!

Hope your all having fun most of the time. Strong personalities provide many learning opportunities, don't they!