13 February 2007

I'm a little bummed out

So the "amazing great-grandma tour around the world 2007" was cut short this year. My grandpa was dealing with some health issues before the grandmas came to visit. The doctor assured grandma that it would be ok for her to leave for a few weeks. Unfortunately, things took a little turn and grandpa ended up in the hospital getting tests done. As you can imagine this was a concern for all of us but especially for grandma. She tried to tough it out but it was hard for her to enjoy it here knowing that he was struggling without her. So I made the calls and arranged for her to fly back early. I'll admit it was tough for me. I really love my grandma and I wanted her to myself a little longer. We had plans to do many more neat things around the island and now she'll miss out. I do haowever really appreciate what my grandma is teaching us about marriage and it's importance. I hope I would make the same decision to come to Nevada's side when she was in need. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA AND ALREADY MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!


The Seitz Family said...

Awww Chester, I sure hope your Grandpa will be alright. My Grandpa was also going through some hard tests and it was so hard not to be there. I'll keep your family in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

We hope Grandpa is doing well, brother. Enjoy the rest of the time with your mom!


the Jakola fam