27 March 2007

Those were the days

This week has been a lot of fun. Nevada's cousin Ashton is visiting with a friend from back home. I've been doing my best to tour them around. It's fun to help people enjoy Taiwan. I realize that it's not really a tourist hot spot but there is a lot to offere here. They've been so excited to see all the different sites (temples, monuments, markets, Taipei 101 etc.) and they've been especially enamored with the street food. They both say they've eaten more in the last 5 days in Taiwan than they have in a month in Thailand.

It's been a trip down memory lane being with these young guys. They travel like I used to travel: eating food from convenience stores, not taking many pictures, drinking the cheapest beer, speaking in loud English, not booking ahead etc. It can be a fun way to travel but I believe that now that I'm a family I don't think I'll be doing much of that kind of travelling anymore....although I have been talking to Nevada in the past year about getting away for a solo backpacking trip. We get 2 months off every summer and have pretty much committed to going back to Saskatoon. This is great for Nevada but for me I get a little bored just hanging around the old stomping grounds (love the people get bored of the place). Instead of 8 weeks in Canada I might do 6 weeks and then 2 weeks somewhere else. It's not the best financial move for us right now so it'll have to wait but maybe next summer.


Anonymous said...

This week has been fun for you but Nevada says it is the worst week. Something is not balanced here.

Grandpa Steve said...
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Grandpa Steve said...

hmm, hubby has fun, wife doesn't. sounds like typical married life to me.......OK not all the time. Balance in the short time cycle is critical to a strong marriage.