19 April 2007

End of the NBA season

Today was the last day of the NBA regular season and here are my random thoughts:
-The Lakers whimpered into the playoffs in the 7th seed and will probably get easily dismissed by the Suns. It's an unfortunate reality of a #2 vs #7 series. That being said I do think any team with Kobe Bryant, the best player on the planet, can always surprise people. (you may not like Kobe but there is no denying his basketball ability and his superheroness for the Lakers) The Lakers have dealt with a lot of injuries this year but when healthy they were a good team so look for a 6 game series...Kobe is bound to win one on talent alone and the Lakers as a team should be able to put together one solid team game.

-Another team in my heart, as a Canadian, is the Raptors. They have been the surprise of the league this year but with the first pick in last year's draft, an all-star player, several veteran additions and the best GM in the biz I don't understand how they surprised people. They have looked really good this year. They're scoring a lot, winning tight games, beating good teams and doing it all with confidence. Tonight their first round opponent was decided and in a suprising twist the Raps will face their arch-nemesis Vince "I tanked it and left on bad terms in a terrible trade that held back the Raps for a couple seasons" Carter and the NJ Nets. We wanted to take on the injury damaged Washington Wizards who would have cowered in the corner but instead we have to face a team with a hungry and unfortunately playing reall well Vince Carter, a hall-o-fame point guard Jason Kidd and an athletic freak Richard Jefferson. It's gonna be tough but exciting...should be one of the best series in the first round...I'll go with Raps in 7. Bosh sealing in in front of the hometown Air Canada Centre crowd with Vince walking off the court disgusted and defeated.

-Pedictions: Denver might upset the Spurs...Melo, Iverson, Camby and Nene will give San Antonio all they can handle. I'm going to say Denver in 6. Houston will beat the Jazz and may threaten in the second round as well. Yao is the best big in the game and Tmac is healthy for once. Although I could live without Jeff Van Gundy on the tv screen. I also think the GS Warriors could upset Dallas. They won the season series 3-0 and their coach Don Nelson used to run the Mavs so he knows how to beat them. I'm going to let Dallas survive 4-3. In the east...Detroit will sweep the Magic. Cavs will smoke the Wiz. The big series will be the Bulls/Heat...up and coming Bulls vs old veteran defending champs Heat...the Bulls went out and got Ben Wallace who hasn't been that great but he's the right man to swing this series...with the help of a hobbling Dwayne Wade and a last minute injured James Posey the Bulls will knock off the Heat. The Heat will need to overhaul their geriatric crew in this off season as Fatty Walker, Gary Payton, Shaquille O'Neal, Alonzo Mourning and Jason Williams just won't be able to get it done anymore.

Championship: I can't make the call but I see a Suns/Mavs West Final and a Pistons/Bulls East Final

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