19 April 2007

Life change

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Something really big has been happening in the past 10 days and it has to remain a secret so I've been holding back from writing. It's something that's taken over a lot of my mental energy and emotional energy. I would say it's an exciting change but comes with added responsibilities and some permanence in my life direction. I'll be able to share more openly in a couple of days so bare with me. It will more than likely open up a new blog passion in me as I will have a lot to process and work through.


Anonymous said...

Will it affect your bringing Gemma to Canada in less than two months?

Melissa said...

You've got my attention. I hope things are going well, can't wait to hear the news.

Nate said...

Did you get a haircut??

The Seitz Family said...

Is it another baby?