21 April 2007

Worst day of the year

What was mostly a great Friday ended up being the worst day of our last two in Taiwan. The baby and I had a calm and controlled day together. We got up early and met a friend for breakfast. Came home had lunch. Had an afternoon nap and then headed out to do some shopping. Mommy joined us after work and we sat in the park and ate ice cream. It was just a nice relaxing family time. The next stop was one of our favorite stores...this little import shop with lots of cheap American brand names and real sizes. We both found some good deals. Nevada found these super duper denim capris that looked great on her. The excitement kept on rolling as I found out I was able to fit into size 36 shorts. (44 to 36 in just under 2 years.) Maybe 34 next summer...wohoo! We made sure to get Gemma, we bought our stuff and then went home.

At home we relaxed in front of the TV and as we got ready to go to dinner that's when it all hit. My murse (man purse) was no where to be found. Uh Oh! We turned the house upside down looking for it, no luck. I immediately went back to the 3 stores we had been at and asked if they had seen. No one had seen anything....or so they say. Luckily my wallet, phone and keys had been in my pocket but the murse contained other valuables. We are now without our video camera and our digital camera. It's been a devasting 24 hours as we scramble to think about how we're going to replace these things. We've been trying so hard to be good adults and manage our money responsibly but for now that hasn't included a savings. As missionaries we're not exactly rolling in cash so we may be without for a while. The sad part is that we have a baby and want to keep recording all of her infant achievements. Life can throw you some curve balls sometimes and this one has really struck us out. The good news is that since Gemma's been around we have never forgotten her or dropped her or lost her.......but we have lost a diaper bag and now a bag with cameras. Hopefully in the next couple months of parenting we'll be able to learn how to keep track of Gemma and the rest of our stuff.


Melissa said...

So sorry to hear about that.

Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

Ahhh...brutal! Hopefully, things work out.

Anonymous said...

How devastating!
I hope you are able to recoup these things.
You need to get something to attach these bags to the stroller with locks.

Grandpa Steve said...

murse purse nurse curse

it all still means your missing stuff. tough break. hoping it turns up.