03 May 2007

Suns 4 Lakers 1

All basketball people knew that the Lakers were seriously outmatched in this series and although I thought it could go 6 games I didn't think we had much of a chance to win the series. The Suns played great ball. They have amazing talent, everyone on the floor is a threat at all times. I wish I could say the same about the Lakers. And much credit must go to Canadian Steve Nash...2 time MVP and dominant floor leader. I enjoyed watching this season, as I do every season but the injuries mounted, the attitudes became apparent and our lack of talent was exposed. I'm excited to see what moves we make in the offseason because clearly our current personnel cannot get it done in this league. There have been so many rumors: a Kevin Garnett deal, a Chauncey Billups pickup, a Jason Kidd trade, a Shaquille O'Neal reunion (ok I made that one up) etc. I hope we come out more competitive next year and I hope we can at least advance to the second round next year.

Other playoff thoughts:
-The Warriors will beat the Mavs and then give their second round opponent a lot of trouble. They are so exciting and a littel scary with characters like Stephen Jackson, you never know when he'll bringa gun to the stadium or have a stripper on the bench.
-The Raptors are in trouble. Their inexperience is apparent and Chris Bosh has dissapeared (not a good sign of leader or all-star). Our Euro players are awesome and we will be good for a few years. I'm not sure we can win game 6 in New Jersey but I think Bosh will re-appear and do his best to get us back to TO. I hate seeing the Raps lose but I super hate that we're losing to Vince Carter.
-The Heat are old and they stunk this year.
-Bulls can beat the Pistons and the Cavs...I think they'll be the Eastern Conference Champs.
-Cavs would've lost to a healthy Washington.
-Spurs proved me wrong and now I see an amazing series between them and the Suns. Two different styles, whoever influences the tempo will win. I am bored by Spurs basketball so I hope to see the Suns win. How fun would a Suns/Warriors series be?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Was Gemma not waving her basketball man at the Lakers? Like the Bingo playing lady, she needs to do this to insure a win.