02 May 2007

Taiwan Workers

I've never had laborers do work for me back in Canada so I'm not sure how it is but here it's something else. They do decent work and get the job done but the process is a little disheartening. Our neighbor below has been complaining about our loud air conditioners and so our landlady sent some guys over to put in some new AC units. Today was the day. They showed up 30 mins late. Then they loaded our living room and deck with tools and parts paying no attention to the hardwood floor surface or the nice furniture around them. Then they went to work. The ripped out the old AC units, drilled holes to mount new ones, ran some tubes/hoses from the inside to the outside and they replaced the hole in the wall from the old one with plastic board and some silicon. The whole time touching the walls and our furniture (slipped covered couch) with their grubby (dirty and greasy) hands. They fnally finished three hours later leaving a pile of garbage on the deck, some cigarette butts, a dirty couch, floors covered in cement dust (from the holes in the wall) and a re-arranged set of furniture. In the end we have one heck of a mess but we have new AC and hopefully a happy neighbor downstairs....although I doubt it, he's one of those guys.

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Melissa said...

It's definitely different than home but it's similar to my experience in Kaohsiung, they don't clean up after themselves at all. Argh! Sorry you had extra work to do.