29 October 2007

I need a hug

I'm one of those people that likes physical affection...and I don't mean that in a sexual sense. I like to be hugged, I like to high five, I like hand shakes etc. My family was always a family that showed affection through physical touch. My mom and I hug and kiss, my grandma kisses me, my grandpa hugs. We have great friends over here in Taiwan...through the school and our church...but they don't seem to be much into touch. My soul is really missing that. In my psyche the physical distance translates into a emotional distance, I don't feel as connected to people if I don't have that. I always get hugs and kisses from Nevada and Gemma but I also need that in friendships. That may seem weird to some of you but I know some of you get it. Even at church back home there are people always ready to give me a big hug, I specifically think of Gloria...that lady can hug. So as I continue to wait for more huggage I encourage you to hug someone this week...it'll make their day.


Grandpa Steve said...

Shoulder pat



but I ain't kissing you

Anonymous said...

Butterfly kiss
Butterfly Kiss
Upside down
Upside down
Jaw Breaker
Jaw Breaker
OK is that enough or do you need some hugs too.

Melissa said...

I sooooo know what you mean. I feel that too! It sometimes takes a while to realize that's what missing in friendships here. Good luck with getting more hugs. I'll do what I can when I get a chance to go up north.

Nate said...

I am partial to ass slapping myself. Not hard, painful spanks but nice, soft, cupped hand pat on the rump. Oh yeah... thats the stuff.

Glenn said...

I knew if enough people responded to this -- it would get weird. But I agree -- hugs are good.