31 October 2007

Missing Home

I'm gonna be honest, feeling a little homesick this week.


Grandpa Steve said...

suck it up boy

well ok no need to be that tough. You won't miss the cold rain and tempertures below freezing.

Anonymous said...


guess who loves you

Nate said...

Solution... come home! :)

Anonymous said...

Taiwan is cool but S'toon is downright cold! Think about it.

Anonymous said...

It may be cold, Glenn, but we have warm hearts and big hugs. Nothing beats having family around.


Grandpa Steve said...

HEY CHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find blogging more often helps with missing people and places. But chose words carefully because there's alwasy somebody out there that we manage to offend.

Oh yeah and you are a designated spiritual leader.

Grandpa Steve said...

Hey boy, how are you doing? How's stuff doin at Pearl?

We've had our third dusting of snow but at least it has melted again.

more tidbits another day.