19 December 2007

Thoughts during this pre-Christmas week

1) I really wanted to come home for Christmas this year. Ultimately it's just too expensive to come home for a week or two when we come home for 2 months every year. I wanted to spend time with family...I haven't had Christmas at my Grandparents for a long time, I wanted to have a white Christmas...I miss snow so badly, I wanted to be at Lakeview for the Christmas festivities...the music is always so awesome, I wanted to meet Maria...my best friend Tom's baby, I wanted to possibly stick around for BRIT. Oh well, it's not happening so it's time to move on but I will miss being home for the holidays.

2) Christmas as a church staff member is a bit stressful. For most people Christmas church is a highlight and is always enjoyed by all...so the pressure of developing a great service is even greater. I've tried to spice up the service with some extra music and movie clips for a bit of fun...I'm also speaking and hope that I can deliver some truth that will touch people and teach people. I'm excited but stressed.

3) Wedding on Christmas Day. This year we have some friends in Taiwan getting married on Christmas Day. I'll be honest that the whole idea bugs me. I value Christmas as a family day and a chance to relax and enjoy a day that is set aside for the purpose of reflecting on the birth of Christ. That being said, the wedding is happening and we're going. I will turn my frown upside down because I love this couple and they are a important part of our church family.

4) Eggnog. Last year I was unable to find eggnog at any of the usual foreign food hotspots and attempted to make some homemade stuff...it was gross and I don't think I'll try again. Good news, this year Costco has it. It's cheap and it tastes good. I've personally drank 2L in the past couple weeks and I have 4L in my fridge to share over the next few days of festivities. I like eggnog, it makes things a little more Christmasy.

5) Went ice skating today with the grade 9 students from Bethany. There aren't too many opportunities for me to be the best skater in a group of 30 people so I jumped at the chance. In Canada I would be regarded as a fairly week skater and if you tried to throw me into a hockey scenario I'm even worse but in Taiwan, with students who haven't ever skated, I become a star. I can confidently skate in a circle around the rink, I can do crossovers to make my turns and I can switch from forward skating to backward skating. I tried to help some of the first-time skaters and in my head it made me laugh that I was the "expert". It was another activity that made things feel a bit more wintery in this country with no snow, no real ice and temperatures above 20 C this week.

6) Gemma's 2nd Christmas. Gemma's been digging the decorated house and has been grooving to Christmas music. I can't wait to open presents with her. She doesn't get the whole gift opening thing but it'll be a great chance to see a smile on her face when she plays with some new toys. Even though last year was her official first Christmas I feel like this is the first one she's engaged in. We haven't started any family traditions and I don't think we need to this year but I'm looking forward to making Christmas memories with Gemma and Nevada in the future.

7) Last thing...we;re going on a little vacation to the Philippines. When you can't find snow nearby you might as well find a nice beach. There was a crazy sale on flights so we're off with our friends Ali and Adrienne to explore and relax. Nevada is excited about cheap massages and I can't wait to swim, have a nice cool beverage and maybe join in some local pick up basketball games. (it's the most loved sport in the Philippines).


Grandpa Steve said...

I'm tempted to send you a styrofoam box of snow.........

I had a nice visit with you Mom at Dutch Growers with coffee and cinnamon buns. This missing our children at Christmas time is a tough one to get our emotions around.

The card from the Morrison Superintendent was SUPER heartwarming.

Continue to trust in the Lord and the guidance and strength He provides

Grandpa Steve said...

check out your link to Gloria's blog.

ha ha ha