01 April 2008

Tom in Taiwan

The past week has been packed with activities and to be honest there were days I didn't even sit down at a computer. I'm finally at a computer with a few free minutes.

It was so awesome to have Tom here. We've lived in Taiwan off and on for 4.5 years and the person I miss the most from back home is Tom. I was able to see Tom about 6 weeks ago when I made a surprise visit home to Saskatoon so this trip was less about the thrill of seeing Tom and more about the chance to show Tom around my new country and my new life. We spent the week with Bob, Tom's brother, who also lives here. It was a super fun time filled with good food, sight-seeing, beautiful weather and a lot of male-bonding. Here are a few pics that outline the highlights of the trip. (click on my Flickr link on the right to see all of the great pics from Tom's visit)

1) We ate well. Bob and I did our best to take Tom around to all of our fav places.

2) Saw some famous sites.

3) Hung out with some great people.

4) And discovered some of the quirkiness of Taiwan.


Grandpa Steve said...

wow sounds like a great visit!

Anonymous said...

That last picture still inspires me.