20 March 2008

Holidays and Church Work

In the Western world we celebrate Christian holidays...People get time off work, families congregate, food is eaten and fun is had. The new trend in my life is that holiday days are major work days for me and are quite stressful. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and it's what I feel I'm supposed to be doing but there is this weird dynamic that brings stress when everyone around me is in a time of relaxation and fun. I'm busy preparing for Easter Sunday at the Pearl, getting my sermon ready. Without giving much away let's just say the focus will be on how the people involved at the time reacted to the resurrection. I'm also trying to think of a creative element to add to the service. There are often new people at church for Christmas and Easter so it's good to give them something extra...although I'm learning more and more that all you really need is some good truth from the Word and God will do the rest. I have a new found respect for people that have been pastors for many years, it means they've missed out on restful Christmases and Easters for years...I also have an appreciation for their families who have to celebrate on alternative days or celebrate with a stressed out Dad/Mom. I hope that most of you are getting your vacation selves ready and that you have a great Easter. My holiday will start Monday.

I can't ignore the fact that although I'm a bit stressed I'm also VERY EXCITED...not only do I get to celebrate the most important part of my faith this weekend but I get to do it with my best friend Tom. He arrives Saturday night and will be attending our church on Sunday night. It'll be special.

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