02 May 2008


I wish I wouldn't have been so opinionated about food when I was younger. I looked at some foods and just thought "gross" or "weird" and some stuff I didn't like cuz it was full of vegetables. I used to pass things up just cuz because of the way they looked or the way that people described them. Nowadays I'm open to all sorts of new foods. (sure I can still be picky about what I like but I'll try almost anything once) This thought came to me today as I was wolfing down some tortillas filled with hummus and veggies. They were delicious and if I wouldn't have been so picky when I was younger I could've eaten so many delicious things in my life. Maybe I wouldn't turned out different physically if I would've allowed myself to take some of those food chances earlier on. All I know is that I'm loving some of the new foods in my diet and surprisingly many of them are fruits and veg. (Still rank meat and cheese at the top of my list but I'm learning balance)


Anonymous said...

I also wish you would have appreciated fruits and vegetables earlier. I tried...but MacDonalds and Subs always won.
You have now become more adventurous than me...grilled vendor meat!!

the Hummus Guy said...

Hummus is king, no doubt. The use of tortilla instead of pita bread is kind of kinky, but you are on the right track.

katrina said...

Hummus is pretty good, for sure. I was a lot like you when I was younger, and just like you I'm now trying new things.

How's life in the 'wan?