02 May 2008


The owner of our apartment informed the school manager that he wants to sell our apartment when our lease runs out in June. That, of course, means that we will have to move. It's a bit of a downer for us because we've moved a lot in the last 5 years and were really happy about our latest place and we were also starting to feel nice and settled in. The school manager (Paul) is now frantically trying to find us a new place. It's a tough thing to do as rent in Taipei is crazy expensive and there isn't always an abundance of listings that meet the Morrison Academy budget and living standards. Our big requests for the new place are: a full sized bathtub, 4 bedrooms if possible (we're hoping to have another baby sometime...no news yet), close to the school (within 5 blocks, an elevator and room for a full size oven. If we get most of those things the move will be a success. Please pray for Paul and his search and pray for our family as stress mounts during moving and especially since it'll be during the busy end of school year time. I'll keep you updated when we get some news.


Grandpa Steve said...

does the school dare buy the building?

Anonymous said...

please contact karen faust via e-mail. kafaust@sasktel.net Have a request via your mom.