11 June 2008

Summertime and the living is freezing

I'm waking up to a "freezing" cold 15 degrees celsius on my first day of summer holidays in Saskatoon. We left Taiwan and it was 33 degrees so you can imagine it's a bit of a shock to the system. I haven't blogged in ages but I think during the summer I should have the motivation and the time. May was crazy: end of the school year, church, men's retreat, moving, going away parties, mothers day, birthdays, packing etc. so I wasn't able to make blogging a priority...but I'm back.

I'll be home for 6 weeks (until July 22) so if you want to visit give me a call at my mom's 477-2550. Nevada & Gemma will be here a bit longer, until Aug 4.

Yesterday was the big travel home day. 27 hours, 3 flights, many hours sleeping on airport floors but all in all it was super successful. Gemma was awesome, cried for a grand total of 10 mins on the big flight, slept straight through the other two. She had a lot of fun playing in all of the airport kiddielands and she really digs the moving sidewalks. She also got to meet a bit of a celebrity . We were sitting down for lunch in San Francisco airport and I noticed this fairly familiar face walking by. I said (to Nevada) but looking straight at the guy and pointing "That's Gordie from Big Sugar!". He acknowledged me, said hi and kept walking. I saw him sitting with his family so I didn't want to bother him so I let it go. Later on when we were at the kiddie play place guess who strolls up? I still didn't want to bug him but then Gemma wandered over toward him and was playing just by his feet. I motioned to Nevada to get the camera and I ran over to make some small talk. blah, blah, blah...here's a picture of me, Gem and Gordie.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Really looking forward to seeing you, Nevada and Gemma this summer :)

Nevada said...

Oops, should have read your post before I blogged! Oh well, its so cool. A famous person.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic.
I'm hoping to do a little more blogging too over the summer. Looks like I'll have lots of sittin time on my hands.