18 June 2008

Congratulations Celtics!

I'm a big time Laker fan and tonight we got kicked but ultimately I'm a big time basketball fan and this year the best basketball team was the Celtics. As I watched the Lakers season I was happy to see the success but I never felt we were dominant or entitled and the same held true in these finals. I made no big claims about the Lakers winning because I could see that they were up against a very good team filled with talent and heart. I'm happy to see Garnett and Pierce get a ring, they have represented an old school mentality of working hard and sticking with a team through thick and thin...and although Garnett was finally moved he was a great soldier for the T-wolves. I'm not so fussed about Ray Allen but good for him...as a three-point shooter I couldn't help but appreciate his game tonight and the way he's shot in this series, he has a sweet stroke and I know that awesome feeling that comes with being in the zone.

So how about the Lakers? I do feel Kobe turned a corner this year and became a better leader and teammate, that should help the team going forward. I'm excited for next year because we have a talented starter making his way back from injury...Andrew Bynum. He was showing flashes of greatness before his injury and if he comes back healthy there's no reason he can't do it again. I think some players were exposed in these finals and they may be dealt in the off-season...Odom just can't get it done against the big dogs, he can't bang with the bigs and he can't shoot with the smalls, Radmonovic needs to go. The 2 or 3 threes he makes a game are not worth the crappy defense, frequent fouls and space cadet behavior. Lastly, I think Phil Jackson has lost his edge. I think he relaxed way too much and didn't seem to have much input in bringing a focused team to the court. I don't think he needs to go but he needs to re-evaluate how he gets the job done. I know people want to talk about Gasol's softness and how Garnett punked him but I do feel he's playing out of position and that a move back to the PF beside Bynum will really help him. He'll never be a great defender but the other parts of his game show great talent and will have an impact. It would be somewhat amazing but not so surprising...I think we might see a Boston/L.A. final again next year. I don't see anyone that looks better on paper in either conference next year.

This is the saddest sports day for me each year cuz now we go through the offseason months of no basketball and a whole lot of media babble. I love watching NBA basketball and the waiting kills me, especially when it's baseball season on TV...BORING. This year is one of those ok years when we have Olympic basketball to watch. I'll enjoy watching Kobe take out his finals frustration on the world...I think team USA is untouchable so it'll be a fun fight for the Bronze.


glennteal said...

Chester -- I like your posting -- as a huge Laker fan you're magnanimity toward the Celtics is commendable.


Glenn said...

I meant -- your magnanimity -- sorry.