16 August 2008

Back in Action

When I take long breaks from blogging I like to come back with a new design to denote a new time in my blogging career. I've heard a few grumblings that people have been wondering what happened to my blogging. To be honest I've reached that point in my life where I don't actually have that much free time sitting at a computer. I'm busting my butt to complete 40+ pages of essay for my distance learning class that's due in 2 weeks, I work several hours a week for the church, I'm taking care of Gemma for much of the daytime, I have a marriage to maintain and of course there are the other norms of life...eating, sleeping, cleaning, going to the bathroom, exercising etc. This is no complaining session on my life cuz a confession that blogging has slowed and will be slower due to the other priorities in my life. That being said, I will continue on because I enjoy having a place to release my writing energies. I like to share my thoughts, stories and life with you all...whoever that is. And I like when i dialogue begins in the comments or in emails I receive from readers (friends/family).

Summer holidays are officially over. We are back in Taiwan and Nevada and I are back at work. I guess I should do a brief recap of summer highlights:
-watched a lot of HGTV
-my side of the family had a bigger than ever Happy Everything Day
-we also had the biggest ever McKenzie Family Camping Weekend
-Nevada was the speaker for a week of summer camp, Gemma and I tagged along
-no new tattoos
-spent some time in discussion with Lakeview Church about a possible partnership with the Pearl (pray that this will work out)
-I spent a couple days in Caronport. Hoping to someday finish a M.A.Theology program from Briercrest.
-connected with a lot of good people...I don't want to list in case I forget some
-BIG BUMMER OF THE SUMMER: Gemma was hospitalized with septicimia. Spent 4 days in isolation at Regina General Hospital. No Canadian insurance so a big bill is coming our way. Hopefully our Morrison Academy insurance takes care of it. Important thing is that Gemma got better and is back to her healthy lively self.
-Got bumped up to business class on the flight back to Taiwan. First time ever...it's a nice ride but I would never pay the extra for it.
-That's all I can remember for now...

Latest news...
-Going to Hawaii in October. Our church is affiliated with a Chinese American ministry called CKM (Christ's Kingdom Ministries) and they are paying for Lydia and I to go to the annual conference.
-It's been HOT in Taiwan. Over 35 almost every single day since I've been back.
-had a good birthday. two parties, lots of people and some cool gifts. One more year til I'm 30.


That's right...baby #2 is on the way. We did the home test two weeks ago and went to the doctor a week ago. It's official! We saw the heart beat in the peanut shaped fuzzy blurry thing. It's due late March....yippee!


Andy said...

Congrats, again!

The Seitz Family said...

Congratulations on baby #2. This is so exciting!! You are slowly catching up to me now *wink*

Grandpa Steve said...

glad to see your updated blog and then blow my mind about baby #2!

I will leave comments each time I visit so you know I dropped by.

Melissa said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for all of you.

Shane Sowden said...

Nice new site and fetus!!! Congrats man.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am happy for you guys! Hope all is well, that Gemma is feeling better and things are back to the normal routine with being at home.

katrina said...

big congrats! If it's a boy name him Nathaniel...

haha...good stuff...

later, bro

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news
- Tara

Anonymous said...

Baba squared... do I need to say more on that.

katrina said...

Congrats on baby #2!! Love the new template.


Grandpa Steve said...

just stopped by. Hope the studying and writing are progressing

Sherri said...


...and just thought I'd say - great new blog design!!

alex said...