29 October 2009

Diet Pop

One of the things that they don't really do here in Taiwan is diet pop. They have Diet Coke & Coke Zero but no diet flavors and Pepsi doesn't offer any diet products. I love drinking pop, always have and probably always will but a few years ago I did start to come to terms with it's negative effects on my waistline. I started to look into the calorie contents of food/drink and surprise surprise pop & beer were bad for me. Ever since then I basically only drink diet pop...i know some of you will have the inclination to share your thoughts on the negative health effects of diet pop but don't bother commenting on that, for me it's about the extra weight. I'll take Splenda/Aspertame over straight sugar any day.

So...when i'm in N.America I love drinking diet pop especially Diet Dr.Pepper and Diet Root Beer. During our annual summer vacation in Saskatchewan there is always a supply of diet pop wherever you find me. On a similar note I'm also a fan of some of these new lite beers at home, like Bud Lite Lime. I'm in trouble if they come up with Sleeman's Honey Brown Lite. I like these diet pops so much that the last few times we've returned to Taiwan I've packed up our suitcases with a couple dozen cans. Some would say, and have said, that it's a crazy use of luggage weight but I see it as a very valuable import. On my recent trip to Atlanta I came across an amazing drink that I could probably drink through I.V. for the rest of my life (alternating with bags of Starbucks coffee of course)...CHERRY COKE ZERO. I had a sample at the World of Coke Museum and made sure to pick one up every time we were near a convenient store. I managed to bring back a 12 pack of cans. They lasted for two weeks, and were good to the last drop each time....however, the sad day has come. Last night I drank the last one. :( Who knows how long it'll be until my next batch of diet pop but i'll remember all the good times Cherry Coke Zero and I had.

The Last Can