21 December 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas (Remix)

I reworked this classic poem and shared it at our Christmas service last night:
Twas the night before Christmas and all through Taipei,
Every office was stirring, it’s still a work day.

The stockings were hung in markets with care,
In hope that the cops were neither here nor there,

The children were nestled at their buxibans 補習班, (English cram schools)
With visions of phonics, for the nus 女 and the nans 男, (nu=girl, nan=boy)

Mama 媽媽 in the lobby and dad on the scoot,
It was time to go home to unwrap the loot,

When out in the lane arose such a noise,
No big deal just the garbage truck boys,

Away to the window a building blocking my sight,
Drizzling rain, no snow on this night.

This poem is usually about a man and his sleigh,
But as we know that isn’t really the point of this day.

Reindeer are cute, especially Rudolph,
But if that is your focus than you’re a little bit off.

This story is a baby lying in a manger,
With shepherds, and wisemen who were but strangers.

God did a great thing to show us his love,
He sent us his son from heaven above.

It’s nice to get gifts, on this we agree,
The greatest gift of all is for you and for me

We deserve nothing because of our sin,
But God’s gift of Grace let’s us all in,

Let us reflect in this season on Jesus as king,
As we eat candy canes and listen to Bing

He may have no beard and no jelly belly,
And the barn where he lay was probably smelly

But the earth was changed on that special day,
That is why we celebrate even today.

So decorate with Santas, say your HO, HO, HOS
But don’t forget the real gift, a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.


Melissa said...

Great remix!

Audrey said...

wow. great job, chris! i really like this.

Grandpa Steve said...

Great reworking

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

Great remix!