10 April 2010

Upcoming Sermon Series a bit "out of the box"

I guess the term "out of the box" is what most people use to describe something a bit risky or out of the ordinary. I'm taking a chance with our new sermon series at The Pearl. I've title it "Church Ink: Stories on Skin", it's going to be a walk through the tattoos of our church members...mostly me but a few others as well. Of course not just any tattoos but ones with Christian significance. I've wanted to do this for some time now. I continue to add to my tattoo collection and many of them represent Christian themes in my life. I know that this series will be a stretch for some as the subject of tattoos can still be a bit controversial. Then again when have I been known to stay away from the controversial. We all express our faith in different ways...many people wear chains, crosses, t-shirts, wristbands etc. to declare their allegiance to the world and some of us do it with our ink. Each week the plan is to use the imagery to springboard a sermon topic. It's a great chance to also get creative exploring the connections of art and pop culture with the world of Christian faith. I'm excited by this risk and look forward to sharing my story of faith through the pictures I carry with me everyday.

Check out the poster I made:


Grandpa Steve said...

Go for it!

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Go for it!


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