27 August 2007

Scooter tune-up

As you can expect there are days that I love Taiwan and days I don't. Today was one of the days that I loved Taiwan. I rolled my broken scooter a couple blocks to the nearest scooter repair place. In my pititful Chinese I told the guy that "my scooter has lots of problems". I bought this scooter last year for $300 from a foreigner who left for Canada. I never did get an oil change and it had problems starting from the minute I got it. I left it parked outside our apartment during summer holidays and when I got back it didn't start. Long story short, the guy put on a new tire, replaced the battery, gave me new brake pads and changed the oil for a grand total of $65. In Canada the labor alone would've probably cost me $100. Cheap transportation, today's reason to love Taiwan.

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