01 September 2007

Date Night

On Thursday my wife and I had the privilege of going out on a date together. We love our baby but being parents has taken a toll on our marriage and our development as husband and wife has slowed. We're getting to the point after 9 months that we need to start finding time for ourselves and trusting our little one with some very capable babysitters. Nevada planned this week's date. I had mentioned a few times over the past year that I wanted to check out the skating rink so that's what she planned for us. It wasn't as romantic as skating at Rockefeller Center but it was still special. It was nice just to be goofy and relax a little. We cruised around doing lap after lap and trying out new tricks. Unfortunately Nevada had a nasty wipe out and we had to cut the date short so that we could go get her arm checked out at the hospital. We also found out that Gemma cried the whole night for Adrienne and Ali. The date night thing is a work in progress but I love my wife and I can't wait for our next special outing.

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