12 September 2007

Late night loner

Sunday night was one of those nights where the nocturnal me was out in full force. For those of you that don't know, the Rugby World cup started last week, and my mission Sunday night was to go watch Ireland play. Ever since I lived in Ireland I've been a fan of Irish rugby. So Sunday nights after church I like to relax and just chill out. When you work at a church Sundays can be busy and draining. The plan on Sunday was to scooter over to the Brass Monkey (local sports pub) after church to see the Canada/Wales game at 8pm and then stick around until 2 am to watch Ireland/Namibia. Due to my long winded (1 hr 10 min) sermon I ate into my Canada watching time. Instead I arrived by about 9:45 to see the South Africa game. The place was packed with S.Africans and a few other rugby fans. Immediately after the game everyone cleared out. I was left sitting all alone with one other table of people, who could care less about rugby as they were focused on depleting the bars' many bottles of alcohol. I assumed people would show up for the Scottish match, but they didn't. I began to get a bit weirded out wondering if I would be the only one left behind to watch the Ireland match. I sat alone...snacking and trying to hold off on buying expensive bar drinks. 10 mins to kick-off...there were no other Irish fans. Strange. Without going into too much detail, there is this guy here named Barry who is Irish and is the Ireland super-fan and resident leprechaun. Even he wasn't there.....yet. Finally Barry came strolling in with his wife and soon after his other Irish buddy showed up. So the 4 of us sat there and watched an unimpressive win by Ireland. Overall it was a good night as it allowed me to get some mental rest and just space out.

On my way home, at 4:30 am, I passed a 24 hour grocery store. I thought to myself, "That's odd yet convenient for some people". It peeked my interest though, so I slammed on the brakes about a block past the store and turned around. I thought, "I'm up, I have the scooter, my family needs a few things so I'll give this late night shopping a try." It was like a scene from an apocalyptic movie. There was no one there, not even any staff. I grabbed a cart and made my way through the store. I was there for almost a half-hour and didn't see anyone. As I made my way to the checkout this worker appeared out of nowhere to ring me through. It was a nice peaceful shopping trip and I may just try it again...although putting away groceries at 5:30 am was stretching my nocturnal endurance.


Grandpa Steve said...

Nocturnal threshold? I bet you had lots of patience with Gemma the next day, NOT.

Yep Taiwan is unique.

janejane said...

lol to grandpa steve's comment.

here in California, we have 24 hour wal-mart super stores. it's nice to be able to shop without rushing before the store closes.

Tim said...

Latenight grocery shopping is definitely the way to go. I've been a big fan of it for a long time.