18 January 2008

Free Time

My wife has given me a huge gift this week. She arranged for me to have a couple afternoons off from my daddy job. I'm behind in my correspondence class and also have some church work that needs to get done so she decided I needed some extra work time. I'm not sure a lot of people get excited about finding more time to "work" but in this case it's been a breath of fresh air. Gemma's a great baby and I love staying at home with her but my stress level gets out of control when I know I'm falling further and further behind in my class and job. There's a girl from church who has been coming on Tuesday afternoons to babysit and she's offered to come on Thursdays as well. I think it'll be a perfect arrangement...those extra couple of hours of work time in a week really take some of the pressure off. I've also regained a bit of my adult independence during these afternoons off. I've got to check out some local coffee shops, enjoy a cool vibe, hear some new music and do some thinking...and now blogging. Moving forward I think these work times away from home are key. I love my wife and the ways she tries to help me be the best I can be.

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