09 January 2008

Where in the world is Thomas SanDiego?!?!

My best friend Tom finally booked a ticket to come visit me (and his bro Bob) in Taiwan. I'm so excited. I love to share my life here with friends from back home. Asia can be a weird place for people to visit and tough to really take in without knowledge of the local environment and some of the language so I take great joy in showing people around. As an only child in a single-mother household I've grown up with quite a small family unit. Tom is like family to me...I guess like a brother so this visit is very special.

I'm blessed to have friends that have had the means to travel the world. Of my wedding party men Tom is the last to make it to Taiwan but it's amazing that in the 4 years I've lived over here all 4 have come to visit (Ted even lived here). With the ease of travel these days it's truly becoming a small world. I won't downplay the cost of travel but if one places a priority on seeing the world and seeing friends/family around the world it can totally be done without breaking the bank. That's also something I've learned while living overseas, life/money is about priorities and for some people new vehicles are a priority, for some it's investments, for others it's a cabin etc...it's all about what you value and we all make our choices. Traveling around the world is a choice I've made and you can do it to if you want to.


Grandpa Steve said...

Aw darn! missed another opportunity for free package to Taiwan!

Sure hope you guys get to some great places.

Melissa said...

I'm very excited for you. I look forward to having friends/family visit someday.

Anonymous said...

Tom is really looking forward to it- he tells everyone he sees that he's going to see you.
On a completely different note: Gemma sure gives Maria a run for her money as cutest baby girl I've ever seen! She is sooo sweet.