18 January 2008

Proud Prairie Boy

I'm sitting in a cafe in Taipei, Taiwan. Thousands of miles from my home in the Canadian prairies. But yet the stereo is playing something that feels familiar and comforting, Neil Young. I'm not a huge Neil Young fan but I have been developing an appreciation for his music in recent months. It just hit me though that his country-folk-rock developed on the prairies (ok, Winnipeg, Manitoba) transcends cultures and languages and remains important music. They could be playing any music from anywhere, and one might think they would be playing Chinese language rock or folk but no, they're playing Neil Young. A boy from the prairies, or should I say a rock-folk superstar from the prairies. (I do wish he had roots in Sask rather than Manitoba but it's close enough when you're dealing with an international scale)

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Grandpa Steve said...

Hey Prairie Boy,
I've been praying for you lately. No specifics as such just for your strength and determination as a leader of The Pearl and as father and husbnd. Oh and since you are only partially defiend by those roles for you as a man trying to followw God's leading.

Have a great Day